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Mini Schuldig Shrine
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You get to die before the one you love, I'm jealous!

The Basic Rundown

Schuldig is a member of a group known as Schwarz, a name he penned to contradict Weiß. [Schwarz means black and weiß means white]

The 22 year old redhead was gifted [or cursed?] with telepathy and along with Brad Crawford, Naoe Nagi, and Farfarello, he was sent to Tokyo to act as one of the bodyguards for Takatori Reiji.

Ofcourse, the psychics have something completely different in mind, thanks to those wonderful people at Rosenkruez and Esset. According to Farf, they wish to bring about "..The end of humanity..."

Do they succed? Bah, I'm not giving it all away.....

The many faces of Schuld...

a screencap from the anime. [ep 11]

a screencap from the OVA [Strafe]

a manga version artbook image

A little about Schu

Name: Schuldig [it means guilty in german]

Race: German

Age: 22

Hair: red [anime green [manga]

Eyes: blue [anime] gold [manga]

Height: 180 cm

Power: Telepathy

Personality: Do I have a right to go into this...? Schuld is arrogant, sadistic, and evil. Yet, at the same time, the devil doesn't tell a lie. He may stretch the truth just slightly...but that's about it. He enjoys causing trouble. A trait Crawford points out on more than one occassion in the manga. He's also rather childish at times, his toying with Weiß eventually does lead to some harsh slaps in the face. [Golf clubs hurt, kiddies, remember this well....] But overall, he's in it for the love of death and destruction. He often tends to lose himself in the overflow of thoughts and at times forgets just what thoughts were truly his and which were not, this causes the redhead to be rather spontaneous at times. Sometimes he enjoys sitting back and just watching for amusement, taking everything around him in, and other times he jumps head first without really thinking and causes everyone's worlds to flip upside down.

Seiyuu:Midorikawa Hikaru

What more can I say about Hikaru aside WOW? The man has a beautiful voice and I adore the deep husky purr that he does for Schuldig [especially in the drama cds and in the OVA]

Takehito Koyasu & Midorikawa Hikaru